Saturday, March 10, 2012

IgKnight Inc.

The hardworking people of IgKnight Inc. Were missing a few.

First launch of IgKnight Inc @Adnu vs. Unc championship game.

Spotted customers! Including me =))))) HAHA :D ohyeah Im a fan!

IgKnight (ĭg-nīt') - to set the Knighthood, nobilified by Magis, in every Atenean on fire.
 We never stop dreaming. SUIT UP WITH IGKNIGHT!

#Jose Llandro Monasterio
#Kevin Herras
#Jopet Virtucio
#Pat Molaer
#Mich fajardo
#Harold dreyar
#John buenevente
#Darren Avestruz
#Gab Monasterio

^Those are some of the people behind the success of IgKnight! \m/

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